Welcome to Ready 4 Recognition!

Ready 4 Recognition is an Australian National University Law Reform and Social Justice Project. We are a group of ANU Law students who work to provide clear, concise and legally accurate information on the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Ready 4 Recognition believes that having an understanding and awareness of the complex legal issues surrounding constitutional recognition is crucial before voters head to the polling booths. We want to make sure that people understand:

 1. Why their vote is important;

 2. What they are voting for; and

 3. What the impact of changing the constitution to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders might be.

We make understanding these issues easier through our easy to read information packs, our in-person community legal education seminar (CLEs) and our online News Feed.

However, we understand that constitutional recognition is not the only option for recognising Indigenous Australians and as the debate changes, we aim to provide legally accurate information for all proposed methods of recognition.  

    Copy of Copy of Con-Rec Info Pack             Con-Rec Info Pack (1)                Copy of Con-Rec Info Pack                  

Current leaders of the R4R project are Angela Sense and Isabella Wildsmith. Please contact us at ready4recogntion.lrsj@anu.edu.au